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The Visitor's Choice: A Search to Make Things Right

(Ferne Press, Nelson Publishing & Marketing)


Purple Dragonfly Book Award Recipient

Mom's Choice Award Recipient

Kirkus Reviews                   Readers' Favorite


Being dumped at a stranger's house for the summer wasn't the worst thing to happen to high school student and reluctant reader David Wilson. Waking up in a mysterious place isn't a treat either.


Inside Mr. Linden's library, David discovers a book that allows him to travel back and forth to the medieval kingdom of Ethelrod, a land that is not particularly welcome to visitors. On his first visit, David is forced to fight in a traditional contest and wins, in turn making a choice that will change Ethelrod's future dramatically. When he visits Ethelrod for a second time, with his new friend Hannah, ten years have passed, and David's previous actions have brought the kingdom to the brink of a civil war. Yet, when David accidentally leaves Hannah behind in Ethelrod, the real pressure starts. It is now up to him to rescue Hannah and to bring peace to Ethelrod by putting everything back the way it was. What David doesn't realize is that Ethelrod holds the key to his past, as well as his future.

What a hodgepodge!



Alexander Davidson self-published his very own literary collection. What a hodgepodge! is a collection of seven short stories assembled over the years and written in various genres. Horror, adventure, adolescence love: this collection has them all! With so much variety to offer, there is surely something for everyone to enjoy inside this hodgepodge of written work.


WHAT A HODGEPODGE! is Alexander Davidson's first published collection of works.


Included works:

- THE SEVEN CHAIRS (Camille meets a man at a bar who just happens to be looking for an ancient artifact to help him take over the world.)

- UNAIRED MURDER MYSTERY (When a teacher seemingly commits suicide, it is up to crime-show-watching Louis to help crack the case.)

- IN SEARCH OF (Justine is engaged to Marcus but flirting online with Liam and does not have a clue who to pick.)

- WHEN THE PHONE RANG (Megan receives a creepy phone call that sets off a series of events that have the capability to keep spreading.)

- STILL THE NEW KID (Alan just wants to be included by the other kids. When he finally is, does his neighbor Keith have other plans in store?)

- UNDERCOVER (Abigail is an undercover agent in hot pursuit of a dangerous hitman, but must stop and have lunch with her boyfriend Matt first.)

- KENDALL (When their car runs out of gas, Luke and Melissa find themselves at an old house with a dark family history that could end up deadly if they aren't able to leave in time.)

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